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Unveiling the Mystery: The Ogre Pact - Unopened Trading Card Packs Sold at Random Chance!

Welcome to our trading card vending machines, where fairness and excitement reign supreme! In an industry where some card shops, resellers, and online sellers resort to weighing packs for their own advantage, we have made it our mission to provide an unbiased and exhilarating experience for all trading card enthusiasts. Join us as we unveil our commitment to fairness and transparency, ensuring that every pack purchased from our vending machines is delivered without any manipulation.

Trading Card Packs without Weighing:

At our vending machines, we take great pride in adhering to a strict policy of not weighing or tampering with the contents of the new, unopened trading card packs we offer. Each new pack is sourced to guarantee that the distribution of cards inside is entirely random. We believe that this approach brings back the joy and suspense of opening packs, putting the thrill of discovery back into the hands of collectors.

Countering Unfair Practices:

The unfortunate reality is that some sellers in the trading card community engage in the practice of weighing packs to gain an unfair advantage. By doing so, they aim to identify and sell only the packs that do not contain rare or valuable cards. While this may yield short-term gains for those involved, it erodes trust and diminishes the excitement of the overall trading card experience. Our vending machines exist to counter this imbalance by providing a level playing field for all collectors.

Equal Opportunities for All:

We firmly believe in equal opportunities for every trading card enthusiast. When you purchase a new pack from our vending machines, you can rest assured that it hasn't been pre-selected for its contents. Our commitment to randomness means that every buyer has an equal chance of obtaining any card within the new pack, regardless of its rarity or value. This fosters a sense of community and fairness among collectors, strengthening the integrity of the hobby as a whole.

Transparency and Trust:

Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations. We want you to have complete confidence in the packs you purchase from our vending machines. That's why we ensure that each pack is presented exactly as it was received from the manufacturer, without any interference or manipulation. Our dedication to honesty builds trust and fosters a positive environment where collectors can engage in the pure joy of discovering rare and valuable cards naturally.


By offering trading card packs without weighing, our vending machines provide a refreshing and fair experience for collectors. We strive to bring back the excitement and anticipation that comes with opening a pack, ensuring that every purchase is filled with surprises and equal chances to obtain sought-after cards. Join us in embracing a community spirit that celebrates fairness and transparency, and let the joy of collecting trading cards flourish in its purest form.

Goober Packs

Welcome to the world of Goober Packs, a delightful addition to our offerings! Designed especially for young children, Goober Packs are an interactive and educational way to introduce kids to the exciting world of trading cards. These packs are assembled from previously opened sets and include a foil card along with other cards that children can play with, learn how to care for, and begin their journey as collectors. Please note that Goober Packs are separate from the Ogre Pact and are not subject to its random distribution policy.

Engaging Play and Learning:

Goober Packs are carefully crafted to engage children's imagination and curiosity. Each pack contains a selection of cards, including a shiny foil card, which serves as a special treat for young collectors. These packs offer an opportunity for children to explore the concepts of trading, collecting, and caring for their cards in a fun and interactive way. By interacting with Goober Packs, kids can develop valuable skills such as organization, responsibility, and strategic thinking.

From Previously Opened Sets:

To create Goober Packs, we source cards from previously opened sets. This approach allows us to offer an assortment of cards that kids can play with and learn from, without compromising the integrity of our Ogre Pact for unopened packs. By repurposing these cards, we extend their lifespan and provide an avenue for young collectors to experience the joy of trading card games.

Teaching Care and Collecting:

Goober Packs not only spark playfulness but also impart valuable lessons in caring for and collecting cards. Children can learn the importance of keeping their cards in good condition, using protective sleeves or storage solutions, and organizing their collection. As they explore the world of trading cards, kids can develop a sense of pride and ownership over their Goober Pack, creating a foundation for future collecting endeavors.

Expanding Kids' Horizons:

Goober Packs are designed to capture the imagination of young children and ignite their interest in the vast world of trading card games. As kids play with these packs, they might discover favorite characters, engage in imaginative storytelling, and develop a passion for the artistry and diversity within trading card sets. Goober Packs provide a gateway to countless possibilities for kids to explore and connect with others who share their enthusiasm.

With Goober Packs, we invite young children to embark on an exciting journey of play, learning, and collecting. These packs, sourced from previously opened sets, offer a playful and educational experience that ignites kids' curiosity while teaching them valuable skills. Let your children dive into the world of Goober Packs and watch as they nurture their love for trading cards, learn the art of collecting, and embark on their own adventures in the realm of imagination.

Growing Strong in Vegas: Expanding our Locations on Google Business as Our Company Thrives!

As a Las Vegas-based company, we are thrilled to share our journey of growth and expansion with you. As our company flourishes, we are committed to enhancing our presence in the city by adding new machines and locations to serve our valued customers. To ensure easy accessibility and up-to-date information, we will be regularly updating our Google Business locations, allowing you to easily find and connect with us as we continue to evolve.

A Vibrant Las Vegas Presence:

Las Vegas, a vibrant and dynamic city known for its entertainment and bustling energy, serves as our home base. We are proud to be part of this exciting community, catering to the diverse interests and passions of residents and visitors alike. As we grow, we are dedicated to expanding our reach across the city, making our products and services accessible to even more trading card enthusiasts.

Adding Machines as Our Company Grows:

With each milestone achieved and customer satisfaction earned, we are driven to expand our offerings. Our plans include strategically placing new machines at various locations throughout Las Vegas. These machines will house a wide selection of trading card packs, ensuring that collectors and enthusiasts have convenient access to the latest releases and timeless classics alike. By expanding our machine network, we aim to create more opportunities for the trading card community to come together and enjoy the thrill of collecting.

Enhancing Visibility on Google Business:

We understand the importance of staying connected with our customers and providing accurate information about our locations. As we grow and introduce new machines in different areas, we will actively update our Google Business listings to reflect these additions. By doing so, we ensure that you can easily locate our machines, view their operating hours, and access other pertinent details that help you plan your visit. Our commitment to maintaining an updated online presence underscores our dedication to excellent customer service.

Join Us on Our Journey:

As we forge ahead on our path of expansion, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Keep an eye on our Google Business listings as we announce the arrival of new machines and the opening of exciting locations. Whether you're a local collector or a visitor exploring the vibrant city of Las Vegas, we strive to create an environment that caters to your trading card needs and fosters a sense of community.

As a Las Vegas-based company, we are excited to expand our reach and bring the joy of trading cards to even more enthusiasts. With new machines and locations on the horizon, we are committed to keeping our Google Business listings updated, ensuring that you have the most accurate and relevant information at your fingertips. Join us as we grow and embark on this thrilling journey together, uniting the trading card community under one Las Vegas-based company passionate about delivering an exceptional experience to collectors near and far.

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